Welcome to Future Forest. Artwork created by Joseph Bastardo.


// Waaga Records Logo

The logo for Waaga Records, a subdivision of Lefse Records! These guys will be putting on new music from artists like FUR, Florene, Power Animal, Treasure, Ming Ming Dance Company, and Soft Cat! Be on the lookout for some awesome stuff!


// Phasen - Selected Remixes 08/09

Download link for the album coming soon on Unnamed Label!

Those who download will be treated to the super intense, full-sized version of the artwork!


// BoC Pages Banner

My banner for Bocpages.org
Ultra ephemera:

The BoC Pages is a Boards of Canada wiki.
The logo was not done by me. It was created by some mysterious user over at Twoism.org.


// 88 Marquis - 1992 In an Igloo Remixed

A companion-piece to 1992 In an Igloo. This remix EP has some great stuff on it from some really talented folks.

Out NOW!! Free download from Retronym Records!!


// 1992 in an Igloo

So excited to announce this! 88 Marquis is one of my favorite musicians right now. It's beautifuly melodic and atmospheric electronic music. It all seems to be filtered through a 16-bit Star Fox aesthetic.

'1992 in an Igloo' is his debut and its probably one of the most epic EPs I've heard in a long time. But with nine tracks, and a running time of 27 minutes, its more like a mini-LP.

check out his music here!

Out NOW!! Free download from Retronym Records!!


// Bibioscope

Bibioscope is out! The album was compiled by my friend Lloyd, and yours truly!

Download it for free here!

June-September 2009


// Radical Radish

[click to enlarge]

T-shirt design for the Woven Project, a small company based out of Boston, focusing on a sustainable future. This shirt was printed using non-PVC inks in Massachusetts. All shirts are printed on 100% organic cotton.


// Broadcast 01

I'm super excited about this one. Working for the amazing SECRET STATION records. Home to some of my favorite musicians. This compilation features Power Pill Fist from Black Moth Super Rainbow! Holy shit!

This music is really good. Order or free download one here.

Summer '09


// Secret Station Logo

Some amazing music here. I'll be doing more work with these guys in the future.

April '09



The new EP by Future Future. Printed on wallet packaging. For sale now! Check them out here.

Winter 2008

Note: The track listing is out of date and has since been switched around a bit.

// One on Twoism Volume Three

The packaging for One on Twosim Volume Three; a continuous mix of chill, melodic electronic music. More info here.
Winter '08

// A Leap in Time

Here's the artwork for a mix by Grim on Mbient called "A Leap in Time"
You can download it for free here.

Acrylic on Paper, Photoshop - Spring 2008