Welcome to Future Forest. Artwork created by Joseph Bastardo.


// Looks Realistic - sans

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Proud to announce the first album from my band, Looks Realistic. Eight casioscape prog jams, uploaded to our Bandcamp page as a free download! Please check it out HERE.


// White Mountains - Northern Spirit

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Here is my cover design for the single "Northern Spirit" by White Mountains. The track is off of his album "Wilderness," which can be found below.

Download the single from iTunes HERE!


// Wormhole Logo

Here is my logo design for the Wormhole collective.

Wormhole is a new label/collective started up in Worcester by Andy Cary and Ben Wheeler of the Golden Girls. More info here.


// United Notions 001 & 002

I am proud to announce my contribution to the clothing company, Mozaiks. My line of t-shirts is called United Notions.

United Notions brings into view an instantaneous and interconnected awareness. As an eclipse crawls across the face, we dance beneath a vastness! Through wires, and between skies, it will be known: this time is ours.


When all is said and done, the auto industry will have a lot of old junk to take care of.


While our economy is in a state of distress, those up top are doing the best the best they can to avoid the repercussions of their actions.

Printed with high quality ink, on American Apparel shirts!

To order yours, go here!


// White Mountains - Wilderness

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Presenting my album artwork for White Mountains' debut, "Wilderness." As well as the logo which will be used for various pieces of merch, including shirts and stickers.

A shimmering, pulsing dance party in the woods. It also has moments of beautiful ambiance. Wilderness is being released this November by Waaga Records. Comes digitally or limited "hand-sewn" CD edition.



// DOM Merch Design

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My design. Buy it from Dom.

If you have yet to hear DOM, do yourself a favor and check out the raddest band this side of Pitchfork. From my hometown of Worcester, MA. These guys are doing huge things. Recently headed out on tour with Ratatat. Find my new t-shirt when you see them live. Buy it. Love life.

// Sam Gas Can - Dog Dance

My Artwork for Sam Gas Can's "Dog Dance"

Behold Sam Gas Can in all his glory! Massachusetts-based genre-melting musician, sound/comic artist extraordinaire. This cassette tape sounds like a wonderful, murky journey through the forest. The album artwork says it all. Out now on Digitalis ltd.

ltd#78: sam gas candog dance” c22

sam gas can is one to leave you wondering endlessly and wandering aimlessly. it all starts with a low-key dance party for your favorite haunted asylum. manic voices and near-tribal beats plummet like a meteor through the clouds. you walk into this mental ward with no fucken clue how you got there. luckily there’s clarity on the horizon in the form of uber-melodic synth passages that will guide you like a drunken sailor back to the shore. the morning brings pump organ catharsis that’s bathed in warm white light. hypnotic vocals fill the air while the melodies grind along underneath. it’s blindingly emotive – you can’t help but be drawn in by the familiar comforts of each note that gently takes you home. beautiful stuff from one of the most underappreciated artists in massachussetts.

edition of 75, pro-dubbed.

Buy it or listen to samples here!


// NTSC Vol. 1

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My design for NTSC Volume 1. recently released on DVD.

NTSC is the alias of video artist Steven Grisé. The video album is full of visuals, both absurd and beautiful. All shown through a psychedelic haze of VHS interference. Featuring the remixing abilities of Boston-based DJ/producer Coralcola. Here's a clip:

Original Song by: DOM. Chopped and Screwed mix featured on: Coralcola 4th of July 2K10 Burnt out Worcester BBQ Mix.

Mix available for FREE DOWNLOAD at:


// Xurba Remix EP

My artwork for Xurba's Remix EP.

So glad I can finally post this! A collection of remixes by Xurba. Classic 'IDM' sound. Melodic and spacey. You can hear it here!


// We Are the Pagans

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My artwork for the Black Moth Super Rainbow fan compilation. Download here.


// Looks Realistic Untitled CDr

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Music that I have been making with friends.
More info here_ http://www.myspace.com/looksrealistic


// Golden Girls - Ultimate Freedom 7"

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My artwork for the debut 7" from Golden Girls out on Burning Mill Records.

Gnarly, upbeat, blown out, garage pop shredding, from my home town of Worcester, Massachusetts! These guys were on pitchfork not too long ago. A force to be reckoned with!


// Secret Station T-Shirt

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Man, this guy sure does look cool with his Secret Station t-shirt, designed by yours truly.

Pick one up while you can!

Also available in white on black.


// Trills - Modular Puzzle

The new album out by Trills. On i,absentee, who has released music by Lunar Testing Lab and Tobacco from Black Moth Super Rainbow!
Check out a great review of the album here.


// FUR presents 'Witches'

Happy 2010!

Here is the artwork for 'Witches,' the new full length from FUR. Coming out Feb 23rd from Waaga Records!

Limited dition of 125!
More info here: http://pitchfork.com/forkcast/13718-black-castles-ft-alan-palomo-of-neon-indian/