Welcome to Future Forest. Artwork created by Joseph Bastardo.


// Sam Gas Can - Land of Enchantment

Proud to share my design for Sam Gas Can's latest album entitled "Land of Enchantment." Coming out soon on cassette from Hidden Temple Records. This one is really awesome.

// High Tea Media Logo

My logo for Brooklyn-based film studio High Tea Media.


// Bastian Void - Fluorescent Bells

Presenting "Fluorescent Bells" my next album as Bastian Void. Coming out on cassette from Field Hymns very soon!
This is music for night drives. Music for being alone.

Atrium (Demo Version) by Bastian Void
FH029 Bastian Void - Respirit by Field Hymns Records
Fluorescent Bells by Bastian Void


// Gay Shapes - Moss 006

Presenting my artwork for the latest Gay Shapes cassette on Moss Archive. This one was fun to make. Edition of 50 hand-stamped cassettes. Order one here.

// Homeowner - Mimeotures

Here is my artwork for "Mimeotures" the debut cassette from Homeowner on Moss Archive. Fractured synthetic experiments. Molded together into two sound collages. Available for order from Moss Archive.


// Bastian Void / Three Fourths Tigers - Designs for Coloring

Here is my artwork for "Designs for Coloring" by Bastian Void and Three Fourths Tigers.

Photo by Ana Caras.  More info HERE.

Split release from Joseph Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall, the two halves of Looks Realistic. Roots, leaves, moss and dirt. Each half is a distinct take on tape recording and manipulation, using synthesizers and sampling keyboards. Both sides were edited, mixed and arranged at Moss Archive, in the forest-valley of New Hampshire's White Mountains.
Edition of 100 hand-numbered, pro-dubbed, imprinted audio cassettes.

Out now!
Buy one here: http://www.mossarchive.net/
or here: http://fauxpasrecs.blogspot.com/