Welcome to Future Forest. Artwork created by Joseph Bastardo.


// United Notions 001 & 002

I am proud to announce my contribution to the clothing company, Mozaiks. My line of t-shirts is called United Notions.

United Notions brings into view an instantaneous and interconnected awareness. As an eclipse crawls across the face, we dance beneath a vastness! Through wires, and between skies, it will be known: this time is ours.


When all is said and done, the auto industry will have a lot of old junk to take care of.


While our economy is in a state of distress, those up top are doing the best the best they can to avoid the repercussions of their actions.

Printed with high quality ink, on American Apparel shirts!

To order yours, go here!


// White Mountains - Wilderness

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Presenting my album artwork for White Mountains' debut, "Wilderness." As well as the logo which will be used for various pieces of merch, including shirts and stickers.

A shimmering, pulsing dance party in the woods. It also has moments of beautiful ambiance. Wilderness is being released this November by Waaga Records. Comes digitally or limited "hand-sewn" CD edition.