Welcome to Future Forest. Artwork created by Joseph Bastardo.


// Binarium Logo

Here is the logo I created for Binarium Productions as well as the Binarium Sound Series.

Founded by Jonathan 'Trills' Jindra, the Binarium Sound Series is a weekly experimental music series in Houston, TX. They focus on showcasing noise, abstract electronica, free jazz, dance and film featuring a strong interest in new modalities of musical expression. The shows take place at The Mekong Underground (outside of Khon's Bar) at 2808 Milam St.

Accidentally took my time in getting this one up. Created July, 2010.


// Sam Gas Can - Dedicated to Lauryn Hill

My artwork for Sam Gas Can's "Dedicated to Lauryn Hill"

As cliche as it might sound, if there's one thing to expect from Sam Gas Can, it's the unexpected. Seriously, what is this? Some tribute to Lauryn Hill? Whatever, it's totally genius.

Cassette out now on YDLMIER. Limited edition of 40. So pick one up, quick!