Welcome to Future Forest. Artwork created by Joseph Bastardo.


// DOM Llama

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Proud to announce my new t-shirt design for the legendary DOM. If you hadn't heard them yet, google it or something. Buy their albums on their website. Buy their merch when their tour rolls through a city near you!


// Trills - Blue Metabolic Sunrise

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I am proud to finally share my artwork for Blue Metabolic Sunrise, the next album by Trills. This collection of retro-futuristic passages finds Jonathan Jindra experimenting with bubbly, analog textures. Many of the songs are based off of live improvisations on various synthesizers. This approach lends itself to a wonderfully organic sound.

The album will be released on cd-digipak, and as a digital download on Retronym Records. For the digital download, I designed a different psychedelic image to go along with each of the nine songs. Download your copy here to see them all.

Doesn't that look pretty? Support physical media! Buy one for $10!