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// Boreal Network - Means Business

So psyched to finally be able to post this. Boreal Network's amazing new album. Probably going to be one of my favorites of the year. It's a free download from retronym.co.uk

Means Business is a record that begins by looking directly into the heart of the corporate art aesthetic, using the fictitious Boreal Network organization itself as a lens through which to peer into a world of glistening office parks and freshly printed documents.

The first half of the record gleams with polish and bravado, promising high rates of return and prosperity. As the album progresses however, sounds and themes suggest a gritty, polluted reality lurking beyond the shining facade of industry. The latter portion of Means Business is pocked with distorted, dirty sounds and leering, noxious synths, as the proud image of Boreal Network steadily becomes completely choked out by smog and desolation.

Here's a video from the album:

boreal network - boreal network corporate training video from broken machine films on Vimeo.


// Bastian Void - Horicon Sketches

Bastian Void - Horicon Sketches
Digitalis Ltd #215

Very excited to announce my next album, coming out soon on cassette from the awesome Digitalis LTD again! All art and music by me!

"joe bastardo returns with bastian void's sophomore missive thrown into the swirling abyss. mirrored shards reach out and pluck chord changes from a diamond's eye. these electric daydreams move along on muted rhythms. soak it all in as you take a journey into the unsettling sonic environments of melting landscapes. this is as much in the sky as it is buried underground. a festive spectrum." - Digitalis

Marbles by Bastian Void

Bloom Perspective by Bastian Void

Ray Sentence by Bastian Void

Using Plastic / Wax Mist by Bastian Void